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Sourdough Fuel and Petro Star are a little different from other fuel delivery services in that it both produces and distributes its own fuel. “From its beginnings in North Pole with only one small refinery, Petro Star and ASRC [its parent company] understood that vertical integration—being able to deliver and sell its own products directly to consumers—was key to its success,” explains Doug Chapados, president and CEO of Petro Star Inc. “Through its thirty-four-year history, Petro Star has grown via vertical integration and acquisition, expanding sales and operations into the Aleutians, Kodiak, and southcentral Alaska through its marine distribution division, North Pacific Fuel, as well as its Interior heating oil division, Sourdough Fuel.”

Most of Petro Star’s fuel sales are produced at its North Pole and Valdez refineries, and it delivers fuel to residential, commercial, and military consumers via pipeline, barge, and truck. The company operates divisions in Fairbanks, Anchorage, Kodiak, Valdez, and Unalaska/Dutch Harbor.

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